New thoughts....

  1. New thoughts....

    Well after quitting the gym for a week ( has it been that long now, seems longer than a week) I decided i cant sit still and just gain all this weight, so I decided , yoga once a week and i got my spin certification back so I am teaching spin 2 days a week and for now that will have to do !!!!!!!!!!

    Slowly as i feel better i will add things into my routine but for now this is something at least....( PHHEEWWWW )

    And in April there is a run for the research on lupus, so I intend to make my best effort in running or at least walk that, after all its something i belive in and i need to support

    Just a little FYI.................

  2. Take it easy there and don't push it to hard

  3. Good to hear, you get better.

  4. Inch by inch, it's a sinch.

  5. glad to see you doing somthing so you dont go crazy, just take it easy and dont over do it



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