Poll: Best type of Deadlift?

What type of deadlift gives best results?

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  1. Because deadlift's are majority of a back exercise/full body exercise. Stiff leg deadlifts aren't the same thing.

  2. Stiffs are for Hams; allthough I feel my rhomboids and maybe rear delts when I do these.

    I do the sldl version almost strait legged, knee's bent some, and butt out, butt out allows a great stretch in the hams.
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  3. Conventional Deadlifters need to pull sumo as well. -- Sumo offers superior hip and posterior chain development.

    Sumo Deadlifters need to pull Conventional as well. -- Conventional offers superior lower back development.

    Both need to be cycled into a serious deadlifters program throughout the year.

    I also agree with getting a bigger deadlift by not deadlifting...but only for the elite deadlifter. Most newer trainees or non competitive deadlifters are NOT going to benifit from not doing the deadlift.
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  4. I only do sumo stance deadlifts. I believe it targets the booty a bit more and it is a more comfortable position for me.


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