Sauna and Superdrol?

  1. Sauna and Superdrol?

    I have a real simple question, is it a good or bad idea to use the sauna after I workout while on Superdrol?
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  2. Really man how could that hurt you? Do you think that its going to lower your levels? If I could sauna I would. If your worried about "sweatin out all your SD" dont, I think you gotta take it to a detox level before that happens. Just my thoughts, someone else may say different.

  3. My take on the SD's effect on glycogen/water storage and usage is it almost makes the water in your muscles "anabolic water." Would I risk cramps or gains by sweating out the future fuel for my muscle with such a strong volumizer?
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  4. Good point!

  5. It will lower the tonus of your muscles (tension). Make sure that you have your minerals while you are in the sauna. And water. It is a good idea, in my opion

  6. Any other opinions? Thanks.
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  7. Lean One, Dr. D, Any Mod? I love the sauna but don't want to hurt my gains. Thank you very much!
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  8. I think it's a good idea. Your theory is intresting and it's good that your thinking about the different angles, but I don't see a prob with it. Just be sure to get enough protein before and after the w/o and don't short the carbs, especially during and just after. In fact, just eat! That's the key to SD success. It's a bulker, although some are trying to cut with it. You do have to sweat the small stuff if cutting.
  9. Thanks D--

    Hot stuff it is...
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