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    Well after a successfull bulking cycle, I find myself horribly out of shape. I'm only 21 and I think my conditioning should be much better. I think it was in fact, but I feel like M1T really lowered my cardiovascular level. The problem is that I have to run 1 1/2 miles in under 13:48 for my Police POWER test. I ran it in 13.36 the other day and was extremely dead at the end. I jogged and walked 4 miles today through the woods and was near death once again. The test is Saturday and I don't feel comfortable with just a 10 second room for error. Any suggestions on knocking some time of my run by saturday. Any supps I should take, energy drinks, training protocols, etc... would be greatly appreciated!

  2. As far as training protocol goes, I don't believe much physiological adaptation can happen in the time before your test. The best advice I can give you is to carb up the day before (friday) and tomorrow with complex carbs like pasta...I would suggest trying to hit your 1 1/2 mile mark again tomorrow, and then take it easy on Friday, just a light jog and some far as supplements go, I'm not really a running/endurance expert, but I would suggest not to take any heavy doses of caffiene or ephedrine, it might give you burst out of the gate, but chances are you'd hit a wall...I wouldn't take anything on the test day that you havn't tried supp. that could help is a B-comp, it aids in the energy transport, and conversion of food to energy, hope that helps! Good luck on your test man,

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