detached biceps muscles

  1. detached biceps muscles

    This is a good one. Went to pick up a large box to place into a large cart. Heard a ripping sound from each bicep. Seems I detached a muscle in each bicep. Looks like I have a permanent pump. Until I get an MRI, I do not know the specifics. Can anyone tell me about re-attaching the muscle?

  2. oh my god..... you tore the muscle from the tendon.

    aren't you in pain?

  3. dull ache and bruising. Looks like a lot of lower body work for a while.

  4. Ouch!!

    Sorry to hear, brother.. If they tore at the joint, it was from the tendon and they have to re-attach it at the joint.. Rehab shouldn't be too bad, bicep tears actually heal quite quickly.. Tearing a pec would probably be worse..

  5. uhhh, you tore your bicep muscle completely off the tendon, and all you feel is dull pain and a bruise? Are you sure you didn't maybe just sprain it? Can you even lift your arm in a curling motion or are your biceps totally useless? It just seems a little incomprehensible to me that that didn't require a hospital trip or something.

  6. Urgent care only, until I can get into my MD. I wish it only was a bruise. Both biceps 'balled' up and bruising on forearms. I was exhibiting shock signs when I did it. Urgent care doc had never seen anything like it!

  7. If the tendon completely tears it takes the nerve along with it therefore little to no pain, now a partial tear is painful as hell. I partialy tore my calf muscle and damn I was on percs for two weeks.

    BTW how heavy was that box? Also if you did this at work dont go to your normal doc, this is a workers comp claim, if you go to your normal doc it could compromise any benefits youre entitled to. Not to scare you but you'll definitely need physical therapy for that injury and it aint cheap.

  8. Not work related. TV in a box that my parents were buying. It was a very awkward lift. Told them that they better enjoy it. HMO plan will pay thankfully. If I can get a rehab plan in place I can supplement the pt at home as we have a fully equiped gym. Between me being a nurse and my wife a personal trainer I am planning on maxing the rehab. I am also going to add supplemental doses of Vitamin C, glutamine, DHA/EPA, protein and GH to supplement healing. Thanks for the feedback as I have never had this type of injury! Of course, any suggestions on rehab are welcome.

  9. holy **** that must hurt


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