Training advice

  1. Training advice

    Hi guys, I'm a newbie to not only this site but to lifting weights I have got a lot of information from the forums. Thank you guys but I have 1 question I have recently changed my workout from a 'fat burning' to a bulk up. That involved heavier weight at a low rep. My question is my heart rate during my new workout does not get very high and I'm burning little calories even tho I'm pushing hard. Is this normal and in a 1:15min workout how much should I expect to burn. Cheers
    ( also should mention I'm using c4 extreme pre workout )

  2. Training goals should be strength, endurance and/or hypertrophy. Fat loss is primarily from diet.
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  3. The high reps for cutting and low rep, heavy weight for bulking is bunk. It's one of those ideas that get spread around by gym bros.

    Which leads me to my point that you don't necessary have to change your workout routine, but rather your diet. Whatever lifting routine gives you the best results when you're trying to increase muscle mass, keep it going if you decide to cut. The principle remains that you're stimulating the muscles to "want" to grow. You want this stimulus if you're bulking, obviously, and you also want it if you're trying to shed fat. You're essentially "telling" your body that it needs to retain muscle mass in order to more efficiently "do work." lol

    So in regards to a workout routine, just use whatever works best.

  4. But switch up your routine every one in a while...I do confess that I switch mine up ALL the time lol.. But I know what works for me (because it works).

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