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    With my current schedule I find that I can't run my sprints before 5:30 pm. Do you guys think I'm doing my cutting plan a disservice by waiting until then to run, for as I've read the greatest benefit of sprinting lies in its ability to boost the fat burning metabolism for the remainder of the day? Also, would I be overtraining if I ran sprints (I currently run as all-out as possible for as long as possible for no more than 400 meters, then walk for a few minutes and repeat) every day since sprinting is anaerobic like weight training? Thanks guys.

  2. You sir more of a man than me.. I can endure the pain in the gym, but after my freshman season at college running track, I vowed never to run anything close to a 400 again.

  3. 'Preciate that. It's definitely not the easiest thing I've ever done but the results are more than worth the tremendous effort.

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