BRAWN style training...What is it???

  1. Question BRAWN style training...What is it???

    So, whats this BRAWN/HARDGAINER style training all about anyway? Anyone use it? I know Iron Addict has mentioned it a bit here and there, basically supposed to be a wise choice if you do not respond well from Volume training (which I dont). If anyone can fill me in about this and maybe post some links I would appreciate it.

  2. I've used it off and on for about 4 years now. Had my best gains using Stuart McRoberts methods. You're right. Low volume, heavy weights all based around compound lifts (ie squats, DL, yada yada yada). I'm really not into volume training nor does it do much for me either. I like it alot. Too tired to really get into, but check out his books Brawn, Beyond Brawn, and Further Brawn. Plenty of info on the net as well.

    Go here for all of his books and manuals.

  3. Stuart McRobert's Beyond Brawn has done more for my strength and size than any other training method I have ever used and I have been lifting for almost 20 years.
    Beyond Brawn is the revised, better version of Brawn, no need to buy both.
  4. Talking I'll give it shot...

    Sounds like I'll have to give this style routine a try. The more I ask around, the more I hear people say what great gains they have acheived. Research time...

  5. What is his stuff about, IS it kinda like HIT or does he just reccomend alot of rest and less workouts per week?

  6. I just bought the book Beyond Brawn today. I plan on reading it within the next 3 weeks, and implementing it then. After I get it down I will try to fill everyone in... unless some beats me to it!!

  7. Brawn style training is aok, it's a great beginner style of training, at least if strength is your goal, and it probably produces as much hypertrophy for most people as anything out there.

    Basic principle is low volume (4-8 sets per body area, no more than 2 workouts a week for upper body and one for lower body) with an emphasis on really struggling to get stronger every week.


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