Ever lift when you're sore?

  1. Ever lift when you're sore?

    I always thought the golden rule was to never lift when you're sore. BUT, I'm supposed to do chins & rows tomorrow and my lats are somehow sore from chest day(yesterday).

    Is it okay to lift anyway? I really don't wanna push all my workouts back a day and I don't wanna skip back day.

    They're not real sore, but just the fact that they're a little sore tells me they're not fully healed.

    What should I do?

  2. Get a good night sleep tonight, you should be fine tomorow.

  3. Being a tad sore is no big deal. You should be fine. Rest up good, and make sure you stretch and warm up before diving in.

  4. My lats are sore when I incorporate a bunch of pushups into my chest workout. I train back the next day and my lats are still sore, but it has had no effect on my workout I think the muscles are being used completely different.

  5. Sometimes being a bit sore can and training that same bodypart can really help recovery and muscle growth. It's called Active Recovery.

    Note: you don't use normal weights when performing Active Recovery training.

  6. Thanks for the quick replies. I had good workout. Now I have all weekend to recover.


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