my very 1st post. and i need your input

  1. my very 1st post. and i need your input

    big props to all u bros, love the board so far!!! keep 'em comming////

    I know you will say that I'm a dumb ass for not doing it already, but here goes...

    Ive been training very seriously and religiously for 2+ years now, and happy with my results.. I switch my routine every 4-5 months or so, or when i get bored with it.... well i have to admit, my name is incognito and I'm a lazy ass for not doing squats or dead lifts.

    So the bottom line is I would love to include squats and deads in my routine, but have no idea how to structure my workout or how may raps to do (i know u suppose to go high on reps, like 15-20)

    Id like to work out 3-4 days a week, ether MWF or M W-TH F.

    Can you guys help me a little please... ? BIG THANKS!!!

  2. Put your squats in your leg workout and your deadlifts on back day.

    Try to give as many days in between squats and deads, ie squats on Mon and deads on Fri.

    As for reps a lot people like doing 20 rep deads and squats just find out what rep ranges work best for you. I keep my reps in the 5-8 range for both.

    Since you just started deads/squat get your form down have someone watch you to make sure you are doing them correctly even if it means going light to get the feel of them.

    I never did squats/deads in my first 9 months of training once I started I noticed a lot more size/strength gains esp. with deads.

  3. Squats are amazing - just do them for a few weeks and you'll be kicking yourself for not doing them since day one. Apart from the leg growth, the whole body just takes a wake-up call!
    Agree with the above post about doing deadlifts on back day, but it depends on whether you're going heavy or not if you need to keep them so far apart (I don't squat on my present routine, but when I do, I squat one day, deadlift the next)

  4. im someone who does both squats and deads on leg day. Although, i do rack(partial) deads on back day. ive tried deadlift on both back and legs and find deadlift having so much lower body involvent in the bottom half of the movement, the work thats being down in the lower back and up can be hit lightly, and hit harder on my back day (usually 2-3 after) Incognito...did you want suggestions for a split? Thats some work but here's a brief basic 4 day split.

    day 1: legs/abs
    day 2: chest/tris
    day 3: off (or cardio)
    day 4: back/bis
    day 5: shoulders/trap
    day 6 : off (or cardio)
    day 7 off or repeat from day 1

    day 1: legs/abs
    day 2: arms
    day 3: off (or cardio)
    day 4: shoulers/trap
    day 5: off (or cardio)
    day 6: back/chest (or move chest down to day 7)
    day 7: off

    just be creative, while using the core exercises with the addition of isolation movements man. Sage

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