need to get my cardio ASAP

  1. need to get my cardio ASAP

    After 3 months I finally got released to workout by my doctor since I got injured at work (got hit by a forklift on the head funny but true lol) and I recently applied for state patrol cadet and got my physical for February,15 I been doing so cardio on the eleptycal and threadmill since its to cold to run outside is any workouts to improve my cardio or any advise?

  2. I enjoy doing HIIT training three days a week and jog on the treadmill two days a week. Got me in good cardiovascular shape pretty quickly
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  3. anecdotally drop sets have improved my conditioning as well as HIIT work and performing complexes.
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  4. Huge fan of tabata protocol. Tabata + battle ropes = gg.

  5. If you're training to pass a specific test train for it. I believe police physicals look for long distance and short distance performance so train both. It's not complicated really, if you have to run 1.5 or 2 miles or whatever in a given time, work at it until you do. Same for a sprint.

    You might have better luck on a running site. or or something has templates to improve times I believe.

    You aren't sculpting a body so a more appropriate site for you goal would make sense.

  6. I think its like the many push ups, sit ups, and a mile or whatever distance run.
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