Enough cardio??

  1. Unhappy Enough cardio??

    I am 5'11" 170lbs with ~13-14% Body fat and am wondering if I am doing enough cardio... I feel like **** because I didn't go this morning... I just wanted to know if taking 1 day off was ok or not..

    Sunday: Upper DFHT style + 45 minutes PW cardio HR145
    Monday: Lower DFHT style + 45 minutes PW cardio HR145
    Tuesday: 1hr cardio HR @ 140-145 midday (have college AM)
    Wednesday: Upper DFHT style + 45 minutes cardio same
    Thursday: Lower DFHT style + 45 minutes cardio same
    Friday: 1HR AM Cardio HR @ 140-145
    Saturday: Off/Cardio in the AM(ok.. or not..)

    I am supplementing with GXR, Lean Xtreme, ClenbutrX, Green Tea, Lipoderm Ultra (on abdomen)

    I take in 1800-2000cals per day.

    I really want to burn as much fat as possible and get down to 8% before my next cycle in 4-6 weeks...

  2. BTW I've got a ****load of Clenbuterol.. Should I use that instead of the ClenbutrX?

    I was thinking of doing a 2 week cycle:

    followed by 2 weeks of ClenbutrX

  3. To answer your first question, it's fine, although when it comes to cutting, every day or twice a day will get you there faster.If I were you though, I would keep your HR to around 130-135.

    As for weather or not to use the clen, that's up to you. Sounds to me though like you're placing a little too much emphasis on the Supps and drugs to do the work.

  4. I have been doing cardio 2x per day the last two days, burning 1500 calories each day total on the treadmill. I have lost about 2 pounds per day this way so far. I am just having a little trouble at this point in time though, I have this extremer rage occuring ever since I ended my M14add and 1t cycle 4 days ago, the transition back to HRT from the surge of hormones has been HELL. I have been struggling, as I think I cut my cals to drastically, as I went from 3600-4000 to 1800-2000 + ~2 hours of cardio from one day to the next. I have found that I am a walking zombie, and I have absolutely no energy to lift doing cardio 2x day and lifting, at least not yet. But who knows, it may be to early to tell.. I feel like **** right now though, and I am extremely angry and feeling like an emotional freight train.. I doubt this is due to the Clenbutrx or the MDHT pre-wkout.. I just feel like giving up

  5. Bro, you need help. Really.

    You just answered all your questions in your last post. Learn from your mistakes, and listen. You're expecting way too much of yourself. This is a game of patience. Real peogress takes time. Lighten up a little, and suck it up.

    Or get some therapy...

  6. don't mind me, just Post-Cycle ****s.


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