Ughh.... What type of Cardio/Lifting program for me??

  1. Unhappy Ughh.... What type of Cardio/Lifting program for me??

    Beginning next week I will begin a slight cut. I am about 12-13% BF and would like to get down to 7-8% in as little time as possible, while retaining as much muscle mass as possible.
    Now, I was wondering what type of training I should do. I currently use Max-OT. Could I do something like this??

    Monday: AM 1-HR Cardio (Low Intensity)
    PM Chest (Max-OT)

    Tuesday: AM 1-HR Cardio (Low Intensity)
    PM Legs (Max-OT)

    Wednesday: AM 1-HR Cardio (Low Intensity)
    PM Arms (Max-OT)

    Thursday: AM 1-HR Cardio (Low Intensity)
    PM Shoulders (Max-OT)

    Friday: AM 1-HR Cardio (Low Intensity)
    PM Back (Max-OT)

    Saturday/Sunday: Off

    I want to know what would be most effective...

  2. question, because I'm starting up cardio myself after NEVER having done it while weight training... why are you doing only low intensity cardio?

    I'm curious if my running yesterday did me any good. I havent run in over 5-6 years and I ran a 6:23min mile... I had a lot still in me and didnt push it. But after 5 miles of biking on a stationary, and then sprinting a full quarter mile twice with rest periods inbetween, I can say that I had a pretty high intensity day...

  3. I have the same question as you, i am starting my vacation soon and wanted to do cardio in the morning and the max ot in the evening. But i have always read to do like 10 light cardio and then like five as hard as you can and then a cool down. I love the max ot training by the way it has given me great gains and at the same time it gets me out of the gym in less than 40 min.. I am not sure about you but i have noticed that what they say in max ot about mondays, everyone working the chest is so true. I find myself on mondays doing legs with all the machines wide open and seeing everyone hanging around the benches waiting for there turn, i find myself laughing at how true it is.

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