Doing to much?

  1. Doing to much?

    I have been reading the posts and having second thoughts about what I have been doing for awhile now.

    This is my typical routine (Push/Pull):

    Monday: Chest / Triceps/Abs
    Tues: Biceps/Back/Forarms
    Wed: Legs/Abs
    Thurs: Chest/Triceps
    Friday: Biceps/Shoulders/Abs
    Sat/Sun = Off Days

    I normally do a couple warmup sets and then go as heavy as I can go. Just wondering if I do to much.

    Chest for Example:

    Flat BB: 3x6
    *Incline DB: 3x6
    *Incline Fly: 3x6
    Flat Fly, Pec Deck or Cables: 3x6 (Rotate)
    Pull over with Curl Bar.
    (* Switch every other workout to decline.)
    Cable Pull Downs

    I normally do 3 to 4 things per body part.

    I can get it done in about one hour and I do chest 2x a week. I have made nice gains and I can bench over 300 now from 200 less than a year ago. I need to switch it up but should I do less?

    Would this be a better 3 day split instead of my current 5?


    I love going to the gym and feel great when I get done. I do not want to add to much time if I can help it but will do what I need too. I normally workout at lunch or after work.

    Here is my cycle:
    My First Cycle Log

  2. Well you have to ask yourself a couple questions...

    Is that many sets how many sets you've been growing off of? If not, you need to switch it up, either lower your intensity and raise volume or raise intensity and lower volume (rep ranges work wonders too).


    Can you get the routine done in under an hour? Because by going to a 3 day split you're combining some of the routine into the same days and making your workouts potentially longer. Unless you're cutting out sets or something of course. If you cant get it done in under an hour, you need to raise your split to a higher number of days.

    4 day or 5 day splits dont instantly mean overtraining as a lot of HIT-nazi's like to believe. As long as you arent overworking a muscle during a week and it has ample time to recover, you're fine. (this is very different for everyone though, we all respond to different stimulae, and overworking a muscle can have completely different criteria from one person to the next depending on recovery ability, etc)

  3. Eactly.

    If you are growing then keep growing. IF not then cut the sets in half and only work each body part 1 time per week. Only work out a total of 3 times per week.

    But that is just my opinion.

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