my prohormone routine: overtraining?

  1. Post my prohormone routine: overtraining?

    This is the routine that I have been following during my cycle of M14ADD and 1-Test. I have now added superdrol and am wondering if the reason why my gains have come to a halt is because of my training. I use Max-OT principles, except I hit each bodypart 2x week. My split looks like this:

    Day 1: Shoulders AM Quads PM
    Day 2: Arms/Forearms AM Chest PM
    Day 3: Hamstrings/Abs/Calves AM Back PM
    Day 4: Off


    If this is overtraining, what type of split would you recommend?

  2. How is your diet?

  3. yes definite overtraining especially if you're using max-ot principles your CNS and muscles need time to recover
    just cut it in half and workout m w f

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