Hammer curls

  1. Hammer curls

    I know that muscle shape is genetic and cannot be changed, certain exercises do help emphesize (sp) certain parts of the muscle.
    I read somewhere that doing hammer curls is not good because it will make the bottom part of the arm thicker and thus your peak will not be as prominent as it can be (assuming u have one). Since hammer curls works the brachiallus (sp). this does makes sence developing the brachailus will appear to reduce the space between the bicep and the elbow joint so less peak is formed when u flex?


  2. I concur, it does add to the thickness of the lower portion of your bis.

  3. It works the brachialis (sp?) from all my research it helps the peak of the bicep by increasing the size of the brachialis thus pushing up the bicep.

  4. That makes absolutely no sense.

    Who wants to have thin, yet peaked biceps?

    Besides, it's not functional strength wise.

  5. The brachiallus (sp?) is also an important part of most rowing motions, so training it will certainly help back movements. Hammers also work the forearm muscles.


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