what kind of volume did you use on 1t pro?

  1. what kind of volume did you use on 1t pro?

    I am doing to be performing relatively high volume of about 16 sets per muscle group.. i am doing that now and it works really well although occasionally i have to take an extra rest day off.. i have a 5 day split.. where i take a thursday and sunday off..

    what have you guys done though while on this though?

  2. i keep a similar workout split with my regular routine, however i up the volume. training technique such as german volume or similar workouts are popular while using ph/aas Sage

  3. i c.. i dont think i should increase much though since i am already doing 16 sets per muscle group..

  4. I did 16 sets as well. However, I would do 2 core exercises, then superset 2 exercises. For instance, on chest day I would do flat or incline barbell 4 sets, flat or incline dumbell presses 4 sets, then superset decline flyes with cables 4 sets each. Something along that order.

  5. can you give a reason for this? just so i know?

  6. A reason for the high volume? High volume is what's typically used while using anabolice due to the increased hypertrphy and greater recuperative abilities.

  7. no a reason for the method of high volume you used? when i did my 16 sets or i should say when i do my 16 sets i do 4 incline, 4 dips, 4 flat, and then usually like 4 flyes..

  8. My reason was to not spend 2 hours in the gym.


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