Clen training

  1. Clen training

    I m going to cycle clen in for 2 weeks at a time how does this sounds.
    tues off
    fri off
    sun: off

    Cardio everyday for 25-30 minutes and abs every Wed and SAT. i will be taking Whey protien Clen and taurine.
    High intensity workouts.
    4 excersises each body part
    4 sets consisting of 10-8-6-4 reps high weight

    I will have a strict diet due to the clem of medium carb low fat high protien. Is this alright any critiques?

  2. i would train shoulders and tri`s with chest, bi`s with back and legs by there train legs hard and you won`t want nothing else.

  3. legs are a work out alone.

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