Best type of training for avoiding joint injury? -

Best type of training for avoiding joint injury?

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    Best type of training for avoiding joint injury?

    I started getting shoulder pains last fall. I am old, 51 years old.

    Does anyone have an opinion as to what is the best type of training to preserve my joints?

    I am trying to decide between high weight, low volume, and lower weight, higher volume.

    I usually work out 3 days a week with a push, pull, legs/abs type split. I was doing about 6 exercise x 3 sets for easch session. Usually 8-12 reps.

    I finally got injured when I kept increasing my weights, keeping all other parameters the same.


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    in my opinion there is no better one, using less weight means more reps which (1. doesn't work well at all in my opinion) and 2. still puts a lot of stress on the joint

    i got a 3rd degree shoulder separation while playing rugby in college and it still bothers the hell outta me, so i just take joint supps and live with the minor pain while lifting as heavy as i possibly can

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