m1t/1-test cypionate/4ad cycle and training

  1. m1t/1-test cypionate/4ad cycle and training

    I normally workout
    Day 1 chest/bicepts
    Day 2 Legs
    Day 3 Rest
    Day 4 Back/traps
    Day 5 Shoulder/tricepts
    Day 6 Rest
    Day 7 Rest

    I was thinking of dropping day 7 and going to day 1 instead since I am "on" right now. What do you think I am having great results. I just really want to workout bad. I dont want to overtrain but my recovery should be through the roof now.

    So I am clear 4days lifting 2 day rest <proposed>
    instead of 4 days lifting 3 days rest.


  2. I went and trained today. I think my tricepts may have been slightly fatigued, but I still had great strength increases from last week.


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