1. Overtrained

    This past month has been tough for me. After getting dumped by my girlfriend, I was in the gym about 6 days a week for the past month. My weights were going up and I was getting stronger and I put on about 3-4 pounds. I have never pushed weight like this in my life. But man, 3 days ago I really felt like ****. All my joints were achy, I felt like I was 80yrs old, I am always napping, and it feels like I can't get enough sleep. I can't even look at a dumbbell without feeling like I am going to puke. I upped my protein intake from 160g to 200g and I bought I.C.E to help out. Any help would be appreciated...

    I plan on staying out of the gym till I feel completly recooperated and like my old self. Any advice on how to speed up the process??

  2. take 2 weeks off..i just did and im loving it now that im back..went through a very stressful november even chubbed up a bit..just went out with friends last night and they all commented how much better i looked..

  3. Overtraining is the silent killer... Wojo is right on here,Take his advice it will make a world of difference..

  4. yeah what they said ... and eat more protein try for 1.5 -2 grams per pound of bodyweight

  5. I don't know that you need to take two weeks totally OFF, but you have definately pushed from overreaching (which is good in the short term) to overtraining

    I would say, two to three weeks of super high reps, say 25-30 for 1-2 sets, hit each bodypart once or twice a week with no more than about 4 sets per body area. Don't go to total failure, and keep rest periods short between sets, no more than a minute.

    Also, make sure you're eating enough (in addition to getting enough protein) and sleep if you feel tired man, sleep till you feel better...

  6. Talking

    Yea I have 2 weeks off from everything including school, work, and gym. This kind of sucks though because I am not occupied and depression has really started to kick in. I have some St. John Wort, so I am going to start taking that. Thank God tommorow is christmas eve, I am going to eat everything in site, that'll cheer me up. Thanks for the advice, very much appreciated.

  7. just keep busy we have been where u are..hit blockbuster rent some movies pick up some training books or diet books and research,use the time to refamilarize urself with something u may have forgotten or look over past training journals,if u kept any,in other words get a battle plan ready

  8. Felt like my old self yesterday and decided to workout. Went into the gym feeling good and it seems I haven't lost a step. I didn't go as heavy as I usually go but still chucked enough weight to have a pretty nasty pump and I feel sore this morning. Thanks for the advice guys.

  9. good for u..glad it worked out man


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