Lifting Time

  1. Lifting Time

    If u had only two times to lift which would u pick. 6 AM or 8pm...Is there really any difference...Lifting at night I wonder how to eat and if I am already fatuged during the day. What do u guys think?

  2. I always perform better in the AM, but I manage a hedge fund so I am typically trading from 4am until 10pm. I find it very difficult to remove myself from my daily work-prep to make it to the gym in the morning; far more relaxed and focused at night. I'm pretty spent by 8pm, so a large dose of ALCAR usually offers enough of a jolt to get me through a 90min w/o. I eat pretty balanced at night, but it's the lowest cal meal of my day. I do my LI-cardio in the morning on an empty tank; quick market/fx check and off to the stairs.

  3. Geez - I was just reading something about why the early AM would be superior to the PM workout. I'll try to find it.

    EDIT: I can't find it, but I'll keep looking. The article was by an exercise physiologist, and though not based on specific research, was based on fairly solid projections of maximum protein systhesis and most effective fuel delivery during exercise. It was all about the impact of nutritional timing on the exercise, and not so much on environmental factors. It was a fairly slim perceived gain, though. It was a 52/48 thing, in theory. Again, from a man of science, but not based on a study.

  4. A.m-love it in the morning, I can have alot of fresh coffee,
    unadulterated energy
    plus I burn up all my energy as a chef and "something dodgy" during the day

    so coming home to train is like, ehhhhhhh
    plus I train in the morning, because its cooler- overheating makes it easier to dehydrate and hit the wall.

    finally train in the morning, so you get with the girls at night- its like mt reward
    -You must know what I mean,

  5. good stuff guys. It is just SO hard to wake up that early to workout. I dont work so if I wait till night I feel lke im waiting around all day..If your wondering why I dont go mid-day its because its not in my gym membership...gotta be there before 6 or after 8...THANKS for ur imput guys.

  6. i'm a night guy generally. tried the morning thing, wasn't working for me. especially on leg day, where everything felt way too stiff at that ungodly hour. as soon as i switched to nights, squats went up over 50lbs in a week. had more energy, strength, focus, etc.

  7. i've done both the early morning and evening workouts ... i can't say either was definitely more effective than the other ... try them both out and see how the rest of your day is in relation to them
    to each their own

  8. I like the morning better just for the atmosphere. I like having the gym to myself and I can't stand the cell phones, conversations, and teenagers at night.

  9. If i had to choose I'd go with the morning, but my prime time to workout is between 2-5pm, a little later if i wanna look at some fine girls


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