Plyometrics other then legs?

  1. Plyometrics other then legs?

    Ok not including legs, what are some other plyo movements you can do for other bodyparts to develop strength. I know and have done the flat bench where you throw the bar in the air but i'm looking for some other exercises for back and shoulders

  2. push ups with a bounce and a clap,
    passing a medicine ball, using a twist to a training partner,
    throwing a medicine ball,
    i dunno, go to the ****in library and geta book- it really is that simple.

  3. sorry to sound rude, I got burnt by a girl- no offense
    but theres a alot of good books with illustrations, hell go to a book shop- you need only see it- to get an idea

  4. lie on your back and throw a heavy medicine ball to a partner or yourself. great burnout for tri's, i just feel like an idiot doing it.

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