Military Press question

  1. Military Press question

    Fairly straightforward question - what is the best grip for the M press? I've read several articles stating that placing your hands "on top of" (directly in front of) or slightly inside the shoulders is the proper form. I typically press with a grip slightly out side of my shoulders. When I try to bring my hands closer in I feel a moderate "pinching" in the muscle around my right elbow. It's not necessarily painful but it's uncomfortable and just doesn't feel right per say. I definitely feel more triceps involvement with this grip as I am more able to keep my elbows forward when pressing. I'm not sure if I should stick with what's comfortable or try to make it work with a closer grip. Any opinions?

  2. My opinion is military press with a bar is not the best choice for someone with shoulder issues. I would switch to dumbbells(play around with the grips, they all hit the muscle differently) and leave it at 1 overhead exercise(maybe 2 if ur doing low reps/sets) for the shoulders per week. Work on strengthening ur rotator cuffs as well as ur rear deltoids. Side lateral raises are great imo too. Shoulder injuries are one of the most common problems, but its easier to prevent them than heal them. Upright rows with BB can also be risky. If you start to feel pain (ie .Injury pain not slacker fatigue) stop the exercise!! Seriously. Also look into Joint Support (gluc. Chondr. Msm. Flax oil. Hyl acid etc)

  3. I don't know if you misunderstood me but it's my elbow not shoulder that gives me a kick. I have no shoulder issues and my shoulders respond very well to presses. Thank you for all the other information though.

  4. I was also under the impression that upright rows were not very good for joint health? Could be wrong.

  5. O wow. I feel real smart now. Sry. Anyway the muscle around the right elbow... u talkin about the tricep, or is it the forearm or bicep/brach?

  6. Lol no worries. I'm not sure exactly what muscle it's a part of, if I had to guess I'd say triceps. But if I place my finger just on the inside of the elbow that's where the pinching occurs. It feels like the circled tendons in the image on the right (inner view). However I've pulled a muscle before and that's not the same feeling. It isn't very painful it literally just feels like something is being pinched. Just makes me wonder what's going on.
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  7. Quote Originally Posted by whaz View Post
    I was also under the impression that upright rows were not very good for joint health? Could be wrong.

    Ya thats what I was getting at.

  8. Hmmm well thinking of the movement ur describing, the position of my arms reminds me a bit of the reverse barbell curl, which hits the forearm. Now im not an expert or anything but it stands to reason that you probably press a lot more than u reverse curl, so perhaps at that position in ur lift u are putting an excess amount of strain on the forearm muscle..... idk if that makes sense to u as ima kinda guessing at ur exact form and position

  9. Quote Originally Posted by crestcreeper View Post

    Ya thats what I was getting at.
    Now it's my turn to feel dumb haha
  10. Military Press question

    Grip it where it doesn't hurt. Shoulder development won't be affected to any noticeable degree.
    Don't worry, man, someday I'ma be nobody too.

  11. Could be the anconeus according to your description. In general I think it's best to avoid too many overhead movements with the shoulder, and shoulder abduction (side laterals) unless you have your thumb facing up like a hitchhiker through the entire ROM, this will help decrease pinching under the acromial arch. You could work on shoulder flexion, extension, scaption, and internal/external rotation, and houghstons to work the RC muscles.

  12. I go with a closer grip, always keeping my elbows forward, always minimizing eblow flaring.
    I used to use a wide bench style grip and press up with my elbows flared like 70's pants.
    This bozo-manuever managed to jack up my shoulders badly, eventually resulting in rotator cuff impingement.
    Pressing this way has been pain free for me for months and months.

  13. Thanks for the replies guys. I've been looking at the anconeus and I'm not sure that's the culprit. From what I can tell the anconeus is on the opposite side of the elbow from what I'm feeling. Pain on the inside, anconeus on the outside. Unless I'm way off on the muscle location.

  14. Try going thumbs out from the inside edge of the knurled part and also try a false grip/elbows as far forward as comfortable.
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  15. Sometimes I feel the same sensation in my elbow but find that stretching helps.

    I know it's beem shown that static stretching temporarily reduces strength but if you are having issues with mobility and flexibility take care of them and loosen up. Proper form is very important. I forget the name of the stretch but position your hands on the ground as if you were doing a push up, but rotate your hands in and lean forward. I can try to find a picture if that doesn't make sense. Stretch your biceps and triceps too, ropes, broom sticks, door frames et cetera. Use a golf ball to roll the tension out as well. You are most likely just tight.

    If you have a legitimate issue with tendons or an iffy joint, see a therapist and get it diagnosed and treated.

  16. Interesting

  17. Quote Originally Posted by AZMIDLYF View Post
    Try going thumbs out from the inside edge of the knurled part and also try a false grip/elbows as far forward as comfortable.
    This right here. Max power and max safety.
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  18. Always listen to your body. Pain is how your body says stop when something is not right.


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