Weak/clicking wrist

  1. Weak/clicking wrist

    So I injured my wrist doing pullovers with an 85 lb db... It happened with I was in the full stretch position and failed... So I just letthe weight fall slowly to the ground. In the process, it must have pulled my wrist slightly apart from my arm :/... Now it feels week and often loose, as tho it's being pulled out again.. Pain is minimal but noticeable and doesn't seem to be effecting other lifts... But now I can't really do anything over 60lbs.. I noticed some slight discomforting and clicking while Doing OH db extension last night tho....

    Should I get some wrist wrap or tape? I took a week off from training after the injury (planned anyway) and immediately redid it last night (on the extensions not pullovers)

  2. It's probably not a huge deal but you definitely need to let it heal.

    I would suggest seeing a doc for some x-rays and a referral to a physical therapist just to be sure. It would suck to make blow a minor set back up in to a major problem.

  3. I would wrap them as well in the meantime. Just be careful you don't become dependent on the wraps to the point you need them all the time

  4. Do you do any wrist stretches?id recommend foam rolling and stretching your wrist. Then take a week off from any lifts with it or it could only get worse. Remember longevity is better than destroying your body for a one day pump.

  5. Thanks everyone

  6. You need to go see your doc or an orthopedic doctor. It could be something simple like a muscle strain but better safe that sorry imho. Injuries can cause tissue structural changes, and even bony changes if you let them go. If your doc gives you the green light on physical therapy Id work on manual stretches 10 secondsx10 wrist flexion and extension, those wrist roller things that they used to make you do in high school, holding a weight work on wrist flexion/extension, radial/ulnar deviation, take a stick with a weight on it and twist if sideways in your hand. You could also get theraputty and work on gripping that and there are several exercises you can do with it.

  7. Supplementation could help also...MSM,cissus , hyaurolonic acid(sp ?) Bromelain, turmeric


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