MY routine (help plz)

  1. MY routine (help plz)

    hey guys,

    Right now im doing low reps with high weight and 3 sets of each excercise.

    Mon- Chest
    Tues- Back
    Wed- Legs
    Thurs - Arms
    Friday - Shoulders/Traps

    I was woundering if i should switch to soemthing like this, still using low reps and 3 sets of max weight.

    Mon- Chest/Tris
    Tues- OFF
    Wed- Back/Bi's
    Thurs- OFF
    Fri- Legs/Shoulders

    Note: In Januaray i will be using D-Bol,Sust,Stanabol for a total of 14 weeks so that will be needed to takin into consideration.

    Thanks Alot.


  2. I think your proposed split is much better. 5 heavy days a week in the gym will wear you out quite easily. I use a very similar split myself w/ the acception that I put shoulders w/ chest and tris b/c after working my legs I sure as hell can't do anything else that day.

    Whats the rep range you are using/plan to use 4-6 reps w/ max weight. My advice once you start your cycle would be to increase the reps to the 7-10 range (assuming you are using the 4-6 reps currently).

  3. Some stats, and goals of what you are trying to accomplish might help too. I would say the split is much better although I agreem with kmac and wouldn't train anything with legs. Why not make one more day for shoulders and abs or something like that. I know if I trained shoulders and legs together, I would get done with shoulders then be like well I'll do legs tomorrow I'm going home. Legs have to get their own day for me, or they won't get done lol.

  4. okay so stick with the one im using now?

  5. Quote Originally Posted by size72
    okay so stick with the one im using now?
    No he just said go with the new one. lol

    Do NOT workout 5 days a week.

    No way your central nervous system is going to recover even on AS

  6. oh, my bad

  7. and im woundering if i could do 20 mins of abs on my off days? (Tuesday and Thursday)

    Also should i work my forearms with my biceps?
    here is updated New Routine.

    Mon - Chest/Triceps
    Tues - 20 min ab workout
    Wed - back/Biceps
    Thurs - 20 Min Ab Wrokout
    Friday - Shoulders/legs

    and my workout will range from 1 hour - 1h 15mins. I will be doing 6 reps of each with my maxed weight, and when i go on my sust cycle in Janurary i will do 7-10 reps, Max Weight. Look good ?

  8. Why not try
    Mon- Chest/Biceps
    Tues - Legs
    Wed- Rest
    Thurs- Shoulders/Triceps
    Fri-rest or Sat-rest with other being back.

    I know its 4 days a week, but you get every big part once a week, and it has also helped me gain the most mass.

  9. More power to you if you can do legs plus anything else in one day.

    Shoulders are not a big muscle group. Check the shoulders thread in bobo's area. They don't need their own day b/c they are hit during chest and back days. Thats why I recommended putting them w/ chest and tris.

    As far as reps go - I think adding that amount of volume looks good. Of course you should tweak a bit once you get on cycle.


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