TB 500 w/ Prolotherapy??? Counteracts each other? or ok?

  1. TB 500 w/ Prolotherapy??? Counteracts each other? or ok?

    Prolotherapy cause an inflammatory response to intiiate your bodys healing process

    While TB 500 causes an anti-infammatory response, but also promotes collagen synthesis and healing???

    am I off, or would taking TB 500 and undergoing prolotherapy be counteractive ?

  2. bump to this - anyone have any information on if these two would coutneract?

  3. not familiar with TB 500, maybe you could shed some light, I am familiar with dextrose prolotherapy and you are correct, it is used to re-initiate the inflammatory response to eventually allow the body to heal itself, the only evidence I had read was on idiopathic coccydynia and it was mildly effective

  4. after doing 5 minutes of research i found :SourceStem Cell Project Group, The Tokyo Metropolitan Institute of Medical Science, Tokyo Metropolitan Organization for Medical Research, 2-1-6 Kamikitazawa, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo 156-8506, Japan.


    Thymosin β4 (Tβ4) is a major intracellular G-actin-sequestering peptide. There is increasing evidence to support important extracellular functions of Tβ4 related to angiogenesis, wound healing and cardiovascular regeneration. We investigated the expression of 'Tβ4' and 'thymosin β10', a closely related peptide, during skeletal muscle regeneration in mice and chemotactic responses of myoblasts to these peptides. The mRNA levels of 'Tβ4' and 'thymosin β10' were up-regulated in the early stage of regenerating muscle fibres and inflammatory haematopoietic cells in the injured skeletal muscles of mice. We found that both Tβ4 and its sulphoxized form significantly accelerated wound closure and increased the chemotaxis of C2C12 myoblastic cells. Furthermore, we showed that primary myoblasts and myocytes derived from muscle satellite cells of adult mice were chemoattracted to sulphoxized form of Tβ4. These data indicate that muscle injury enhances the local production of Tβ4, thereby promoting the migration of myoblasts to facilitate skeletal muscle regeneration.


    Chronic nonhealing cutaneous wounds are a worldwide problem with no agent able to promote healing. A naturally occurring, endogenous repair molecule, thymosin beta 4 (Tβ4), has many biological activities that promote dermal repair. It is released by platelets at the site of injury and initiates the repair cascade. Tβ4 accelerated dermal healing of full-thickness punch wounds in various animal models, including normal rats and mice, steroid-treated rats, diabetic mice, and aged mice. Furthermore, in two phase 2 clinical trials of stasis and pressure ulcers, it was found to accelerate healing by almost a month in those patients that did heal. Tβ4 likely acts to repair and regenerate wounds by promoting cell migration and stem cell mobilization and differentiation, and by inhibiting inflammation, apoptosis, and infection. We conclude that Tβ4 is a multifunctional regenerative peptide important in dermal repair

    i would ask your doctor, but it appears as if it would be ok to undergo both and maybe beneficial but thats just my opinion, again i would seek medical advice

    Are you currently deciding between the two?

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  6. Interested this as well


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