Concentric training

  1. Concentric training

    My question is how often can you do it. I'm talking about sled pushes/pulls, big tire flips, sledgehammer work stuff like that right now I do it once a week and I find it really helps the recovery process after a heavy leg day. Is it possible to train your legs eccentrically once a week and then concentrically 3x a week without overtraining or is that pushing it? And when I say concentric I'm talking about like 9 sets total for the day cause heavy prowler pushes will make you lose your lunch.

  2. I'll defer to rodja and zir on this but I do prowler pushes on off days - twice a week with no effect on recovery...

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  3. how often you do conditioning depends on your fitness level, goals, intensity, and total volume.
    you can call me "ozzie" for short.

  4. I don't see why you couldn't. Maybe not with the heavy tire flips as they require more CNS activation than a prowler push, but the sled work absolutely.

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