Hybrid Training with Jin

  1. Hybrid Training with Jin

    Objective:Grow+power punching strikes and kicks
    How:Progressive Resistance weight training and sprinting(mainly)

    time frame:8 weeks(to reach a conclusion)
    Supps:Whey, Creatine and alot of coffee, maybe E/c in the morning a multivitamin.
    split 3 days on 1 off
    monday:am: Sprints 8 X 100m
    tuesdayam: Stair(real life)climbing and descending(adding one full revolution per week)
    Thur:jog with sprint intervals i.e wind sprints
    Fri:am:Sprint.............(rep eat cycle)

    also will be skipping everyday- for coordination, agility and partioning of cals- also shadow boxing if someones hogging the heavy/speed bags at the local.

    Mon:Mill Press, T bar Row, Incline BB, Underhand Row, side raise, Bent side raise- upright row.

    all for 4 sets each and rest/pause's on the last set(working set) for a new personal best on each.

    reps 8 or as close as, on mill press- at my p.b I cant clean it past my neck, so considerations will be made.

    Close grip bench, Incline DB, Skull's, BB curl, Pull ups, dips, leg ext, leg curls, reverse curls and w grip bar curls.
    same rep/se scheme(sortof doggcrapp sort of max ot)

    wed: 3x3 training
    bench, squat and deadlift for 3-5 rep max

    thur: off


    food: I work bets on a semi empty stomach, then eating aftwerwards.
    1gm protein per lb of b.w
    1-2gm at least on carbo(oats)
    fat 0-80gm or more, whatever

    Trialling it for a week so far and I like it- Ive already got alot stronger and experienced more intensity with my workouts(cardio and weights)

    I feel muscles contract and do the work that they're suppose to, whilst getting stronger(progression)

    I could add pix, stats or whatever anyone needs to demonstrate the effectiveness of this plan.

    if anyone has any suggestions or constructive critiscism, feel free to explain yourself.

    p.s Ive always been more into sports then to dominate in one particular field, though this does dilute how much focus I can put into bodybuilding- I think it will work out, just fine.

  2. p.s, Could add prohormone usage- seeing that this is a variant of doggcrap
    Thanx to stryder for the supplementation backing at nutraplanet-
    what would work best, I have all the methyls at a good enough dosage regime for any of them, I dont **** with 1ad and 4ad- because the can suck hard on my dick- Methyl baby.

  3. you know, this workout is harder than it sounds- not complicated just taxing.
    One day I'll be amped' Ill sprint do dips stretches and all that ****
    next day do my weights-whilst getting stronger(more reps) if not heavier
    but come day 3, im fuct, big time.

    1)doing 4 sets on one exercises is the maximum I can do without completley ****ing myself over.
    2)sprinting on the interval jog has started to tear something close to my inner thigh.
    4)I can eat more and still lean up,finding the right balance between fat gain -optimal recuperation is a hard task, indeed.
    5)incorporating a high rep 8-10(ultra max) every third workout to help muscle stimulus and CNS.

    but besides that, Im really ****in loving it- waking up at 3-5am- gulping at least 20 pills and a cup of cold triple strength viscous coffee.
    After 20 mins warm up in the dark to 40 minutes of pure breath taking exhaustion type of training all I feel is alive, you know- I know I like knowing that im the only one in my suburb awake, plus the buzz from all the pills and adrenaline.

  4. This is the most confusing log ever For example, what are the 20 pills you are taking in the morning?

    Good luck with it though. The training sounds pretty intense.
  5. heh

    Yeah my log's arent the best.

    Think of this as a scribble pad of ideas.

    3-gotu kola with gingko(trying to use it up)
    10-l-carintine not alcar- hence I need 10 of em
    4-Musashi choline fat loss thing(using it up)
    4-musashi bcaa's

    so about 30 or 2 full handfull's

    anyway, woke up today- I didn't want to move- I dont think I ate enough yesturday.

    Triceps are still left hurting from yresturday's 8 rep max scheme,
    blood got stuck in them and they hurt all afternoon.

    finished with a few spider curls for a few set's- again for the pump/pain.

    today my legs are hurt and feel hallow, my arms are tingling and I dont feel to happy about training today.

    today will be all three delts, back and legs.

  6. oh yeah, something of interest, after working out and having a cup of oats post p.w.o- I fall asleep within 5 minutes.

    Ive been taking alot more naps than ever before, I cant say this is good/bad just something that happens when ever my body is shook up.

  7. today was something else,
    I found it hard to get up after a 10 hour sleep.
    anyway did a fartlek run today for 1 1/4 hours.

    Objective for today: Develop my sprint.
    phase 1)Inital speed increases, feels like im slicing threw the air and periphal vision starts to blur.
    phase 2)Adaption to new speed makes it feel like im slowing down- though my shadow illustrates that im moving quite fast.
    phase 3)form starts to drop, brains screaming at me to stop, muscles start to seize up and feel heavy.
    phase 4)this is where I want to develop the most- my body is now clunking and feeling totally robotic-though its extremley hard to keep focus, I find the rythmn of the clunk and push it- nails deep.

    by the end of it, I was covered with a film of slime, I felt pain in my legs(calves the most), my left foot from the ankle was numb(felt like wearing an ankle weight), I was out of breathe, my heart was beating to a near unbearable state and I felt like puking but instead just kept hiccuping with the taste of supplements on my breathe.

    notes:stair climbing is helping my cycling endurance and my cycling endurance is helping me climb stairs- though I feel like im falling backwards near the end of the climb.

    sprinting is helping me weight train, come the last rep- the feeling is similar to sprinting: time slows down, body slows down, concentration either increases or slips and the pain thresshold either wins or is totally abliterated.

  8. Am I the only one confused ??

    Wouldn't be the first time though lol

    What are you trying to do, you know what is your goal?

  9. Quote Originally Posted by jinkillkill
    Ive been taking alot more naps than ever before, I cant say this is good/bad just something that happens when ever my body is shook up.
    its a sign of overtraining
  10. Jinology

    Quote Originally Posted by CROWLER
    Am I the only one confused ??

    Wouldn't be the first time though lol

    What are you trying to do, you know what is your goal?
    I tend to write in my own language, sorry for the confusion, dont worry everywhere I go, people say I make no sense

    and they say drugs are bad for you.......................neve r

    ok I want to push my body past my current level of fitness.

    like when you starta job where you have to stand on your feet or lift furniture - at first it's hard but then you adapt.

    Im trying to adapt to the hardest forms of training I can imagine.

    plus grow my pipi sized arms.

    Hello Glenihan, I know im overtraining but as per the example I gave above- im trying to adapt- I think I can adjust- I know I can try at least.

    adding some old photo's-they're not the best but all I could find.
    will do new quality ones in 1n 1/2 months time
    Attached Images Attached Images         

  11. try all you want .. you're not going to adapt .. your gains are just going to slow down and eventually come to a complete halt

  12. Perhaps add methylphenidate to your stack.

  13. haha mthylphenidate sounds enticing.

    also I know what im doing shouldnt work, all I know is im enjoyign the challenge at the moment and will keep trying harder untill I reach the limits

  14. For the curious...

    Methylphenidate Info


  15. I see and hear things, which dont exist all the time,
    at least im not sure- its like I sitck out like a sore thumb or I think I stick out like a sore thumb and people say ****.................

    I think its paranoia from doing drugs. a while ago- I call obelix complex get it? he gets the specail power's though he doesnt drink the magic potions anymore.

  16. p.s I was looking at that page, hence the above-----------------
    anyway training wasn't so hardcore, but doing everyday activities doesnt seem so tiring as they use too.
    increased thresshold/stamina- its a good thing.

  17. Glenihan, just something to consider:
    endurance athletes such as Steven Gurney doing the southern traverse or ironmen,Triathletes would consider what I do in one day a pissweak warm up.

    I know I have more potential than this, but im adapting more to running, skipping and cycling then I am to weight lifting(im finding it hard to continually lift heavier without breaking form- its really frustrating.


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