Training with Elbow Bursitis

  1. Training with Elbow Bursitis

    Hello everyone,

    I banged my elbow like a month ago and it bruised a little and was sore but not too bad. The last week it swelled up and appears to be text book Olecranon bursitis.

    Now aside from looking gross and Popeye-ish, it doesn't hurt to bend or extend it. I'm seeing a doc for my shoulders in a few weeks anyways so I'm going to add this to the list.

    I'm interested in peoples' experience with this and if you think I can still lift as long as there is no pain. My elbow hasn't bothered me in the gym at all.

    Mine looks like the guy in the wikipedia picture, only smaller.
    for reference
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  2. I will give it a shot, I got a small amount of 70% from jacobs lab.

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