Nausea after even light lifting

  1. Nausea after even light lifting

    The question is: After nearly any amount of lifting, light, heavy or otherwise, I begin to feel nauseas immediately afterwards. Not the strong enough to vomit kind, but enough that it crushes any ability to eat a good post-workout meal for a good hour and a half. I can usually get my hydrolyzed whey down but anything more than that asks for hurt. It happens all the time. It couldn't be over exertion because even light workouts when I have no time will cause it to happen. Some of the things I have tried are:

    No pre-workout
    Not eating within 4 hours
    No stim preworkout

    Do any of you have this happen? Any luck with glucose tablets? Maybe a better way to meal time? What has worked?

    Even light, on say a quick arms workout, afterwards it will hit me. It has always been like this. And for a little history if it helps:

    I am 22, have been lifting and generally staying fit since 14. I hurt my sciatic nerve good enough that I could not lift any significant amount of weight in nearly any fashion for two years and was only able to workout enough to pass PT tests. I have a pretty decent supplement background through working in the industry for a few years. Blood tests always come back normal, nothing spectacular good or bad. The only prescriptions I take are wellbutrin 300XL for fatigue and ambien for insomnia. No depression or anything, just generally always worn out which improved significantly under Wellbutrin. My diet mostly consists of chicken, whole grains, tuna, turkey, beef, dairy and a variety of fruits and vegetables. Before I hurt my back, I weighed 190 at 5 ft 10 inches. Afterwards, I lost nearly all my weight, went down to 140 and am just now putting it back on at 165. I am not big or muscular by any stretch of the imagination anymore but I am not overweight either, just unfortunately average. Now that I can finally move around, that will be changing.

  2. Are you drinking enough water? I usually will feel some nausea if I'm not getting in enough fluids throughout the day/before I get to the gym.

    I'm sure others will have some more detailed input.
    Go hard. Go heavy. Never stop.

  3. I had wondered in the beginning if that was it, but varying my water intake, up and down, had no effect unfortunately. I now stay hydrated before I go in and tend to avoid drinking more than a small amount while I am there.

  4. Have you spoken to a Dr.? I wonder if you have any circulation issues. I'm sure Zir Red will see this post and have the better chime in on the issue.
    When you are working out, how is your breathing and form? Have you had any training or coaching?

  5. I usually work out around 11pm, although I did not notice any difference between then and if I were to work out at say, 6am. I stress form strongly due to having screwed my back up and getting golfers elbow once too many. Breathing is something I can always improve, I don't focus on it and likely is not helping matters. No formal training or coaching but I have always had an open mind to those with far more experience to me and have benefited from it. A little nausea would be fine, but it's significant enough that it ruins the timing of my post-workout nutrition and is terrible for motivation.

    Thank you for the responses so far.

  6. I don't know if this is related or not, but whenever I do nearly any type of physical activity, even something as simple as a brisk walk for a few minutes, I will get a sharp pins and needles feeling all over for a few minutes. Similar to beta alanine but much sharper. It occurs independent of beta alanine supplementation. Occasionally it looks similar to hives but lasts only a few minutes. I wonder if that is somehow related?

  7. Has this always happened ever since you can remember or is there a specific stage this started happening.

    I bought beta-alanine once and everytime I trained it made me suck to the point I had to stop training and I felt like I was going vomit.

    Has it started around the time you started taking Wellbutrin maybe?

  8. I believe it started as soon as I started lifting with purpose, probably as far back as when I was 16, so no specific period of time as it resumed once I returned to lifting after my injury.


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