Alternative exercises

  1. Alternative exercises

    Hello, I have had a few thoughts on some things.One of them being the squat.When training at home and not having a rack I find the olympic front squat very useful in its place.Hack squats are rather good.The question I wanted to ask about this specifically is what is the difference of the arm positions between the olympic and body building front squat in relevence of the exercise?

    Was wondering what exercises target the posterior deltoids.Namely I use bent over rows(to neck and latis dorsi).I don't have a problem using different days to what different parts of my shoulders.I have reverse flyes also in my work out.Are there any other exercises using a dumbell or barbell?

    Also do you guys cycle your exercises, periodization?Ideally I don't think it matters in terms of strength.I've done it for mass.If you use a decent amount of fibers your mass will stay the same.Though perhaps my philosophy is flawed due to the different types of fibers.

    Pretty cool forum.By the way I found a link to here from think I'll enjoy it here.-Christoph

  2. Most people aren't flexible enough in the wrist to hold it olympic style so they go for the arm cross version. Their is another version where you put your arms out at an angle and keep them straight. I prefer that version. Of coarse people could learn the correct version if they worked on wrist flexibility. For posterior delts I do face pulls with a band and if I pull out the hole time I can really feel it in my posterior delts. If you don't have bands I'd imagine you could similate it by doing a bent over barbell row but pulling it to your face. Also it is important to pull outwards on the bar because this will really make you feel it in the real delts.

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