Deadlifts and powercleans...

  1. Deadlifts and powercleans...

    I do a 4 day split monday chest,shoulders,arms....tuesda y back and off.thursday is the same as monday basicly and so is friday to question is where do I put powercleans. It works everything but so I do not know where is the best place to put it in my thinking about moving to a 5 day workout plan...what do u guys think any opinions.

  2. hmm ... why work chest shoulders and arms and then back and legs twice a week? there's a very good chance you'll overtrain them

    what are your training goals? for most powercleans aren't necessary, for others (football players, etc.) they are very useful

  3. I did powercleans when powerlifting, and they helped me a ton in football. It looks like you are on a power based program for sports specific strength. In this case I trained p-cleans either when I trained shoulders, or back day.

  4. Monday/Thursday, IMO.

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