Adductor longus and rotator cuff pain. Long read please help

  1. Unhappy Adductor longus and rotator cuff pain. Long read please help

    Recently started the base mesocycle of the smolov squat routine. On week one I feel like I pulled my adductor longus in my left leg but it was just a minor discomfort, however yesterday as I was squatting my 10x3 set I tried going for depth and received a sharp pain in the adductor that made me drop to the floor. Today I have pain when doing certain movements but its not that bad. What should I do? I was planning on taking a week off and going back to my regular Texas method next week. Also, yesterday as I was experimenting with grip on te squat (lowbar) and was told it was better to close the grip on my hands and my wrist would get used to it. Well I feel like the bar might've rolled on my scapula during the squats and it hurt my rotator cuff. What should I do for this? Any rehab for these 2 injuries? I wanna get lifting again ASAP

  2. What kind of pain is it? Sharp pinching, aching, etc etc etc.

    The only advice I feel comfortable giving is, take your fish oil, ice it, foam roll, eat a steak, and GO SEE A DOCTOR!

  3. Been eating tons of protein. It feels like a sharp pain when I get too low on the squat. I can still squat normal if I warm it up but when I get to heavy I guess I rely on it and it hurts. The rotator cuff is like a dull pain when I move it in the wrong angle or something.

  4. As far as the rotator cuff goes, I had a problem with mine a while back. I started doing 2 pulls for every 1 press and the imbalance in my shoulder cleared up in a matter of weeks.

  5. What does your routine look like?

  6. Quote Originally Posted by PumpHouse View Post
    What does your routine look like?
    Well like I said before I was running a smolov base meso for squats. All my other lifts followed TM template and obviously no deadlifts. Now I'm thinking of using the following week to rehab my adductor and squat light weight, making sure warmup and stretching is good and then hitting TM again the week after. Routine looks like this:

    Texas method
    Tuesday 12/11/2012
    Squat 3x5 @315
    Bench 4x5 @245
    Deficit deadlift 3x5 @210
    Rows 5x5 @210

    Thursday 12/13/2012
    Highbar 2x5 @245
    Push Press 3x3 @190
    Weighted chins 3x5 @65
    Rear shoulder raises [email protected]
    Lateral raises [email protected]

    Saturday 12/15/2012
    Squat 1x3 @360
    Bench 1x3 @295
    Deadlift 1x3 @405
    Shrugs 3x8 @255
    3x bis
    3x tris

    Disregard weights and dates. I program my lifts weekly and haven't had a chance to do so after smolov


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