am I over training

  1. am I over training

    My routine is 2 days on 1 day off

    Day one
    Flat db press 4x8-10
    Incline db press 4x8-12
    Decline press 3x10-12
    Incline flys 3x12

    Standing bb curls 4x10-12
    Peacher curls 4x10-12
    Alt.. db curl 3x10-12
    Reverse curl 3x10-12

    Day 2 legs
    Day3 off
    Day 4 shoulders and tri
    Days 5 back and calfs
    Day 6 off
    Day 7 repeat day 1

  2. Routine seems good. Not overtraining at all. As long as our nutrition is on point and your sleep is good. Should recover good, I am a huge believer in that your body will tell you when it's too much. If you get that point that reevaluate things but otherwise seems good. No sure about your load on the other days but chest and bis looks good, I would rotate some other exercises in every once in awhile to keep body from getting use to it.
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  3. Get a heart rate monitor and track your HRV on a smartphone. Then you will have some solid data to see how well you are recovering.

    What you post there is not likely to cause over training

  4. Unless you're test levels are minute, sleeping 3-4 hours a night, and in a huge caloric deficit, then I highly doubt it.
    M.Ed. Ex Phys

  5. Non-workout days.
    3510 calories.
    307 grams of protein.
    307 grams of carbs.
    117 grams of fat.

    On workout days.
    3900 calories.
    341 grams of protein.
    341 grams of carbs.
    130 grams of fat

    For weight 195lbs

    About 4 months ago I got tested for my testosterone and my leavels was 103 in tge morning. Doc told me my test levels are as low as a if I was 70 yrs
    Im currently on test booster right bc special ist was to expensive

    Plus im diabetic. ..



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