Squat and Deadlift Mobility

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    Thanks Anoop. I do them, but I haven't recorded any yet. Good idea!
    Bump for videos

    Zir have you gotten a chance for the ankle mobility drills? I'm recovering from a sprain/fracture in my ankle that is really hindering my ability to train legs (just did my wendler deload session today for my first leg session in two weeks, which has been extremely aggrevating since my legs are a huge priority to me for this offseason). I feel like all the bracing and lack of movement for my ankle is decreasing my already limited ankle mobility (which in turn is going to effect my squatting even more so than it already had been). Id appreciate any help or insight you or anyone else could provide.
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  2. I have not, but thanks for the reminder. I too am suffering from ankle issues, and it appears I have a series of micro-fractures in mine. It doesn't hurt to squat or deadlift, but anything involving powerful flexion (sprinting, cleans, jumping) hurts. Have an MRI next week and will find out more.

    FMS has a very simple, easy to do one. Get one one knee. Set a pole up (vertical) equal to the toes on the inside and outside of the foot. Move the knee forward past both poles (all the while keeping the heel in contact with the floor), then to the outside of one, then to the outside of the inner pole. Do a few sets of 8-12

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