Post- Broken clavicle training

  1. Post- Broken clavicle training

    Hey everyone its been years since I last posted...
    Anyway, a year and some change ago I broke my collarbone. No surgery... just healed on it's own with a splint. This injury was accompanied with a mild stretch of the sternoclavicular joint which sometimes still flares up. My clavicle healed rather slowly, but eventually I was released within 4 months.

    So before I spend the money and go see a doctor about my question, I was ondering if you guys could enlighten me with an educated answer.
    My question may sound stupid, but is it possible that my clavicle could snap when doing military presses or anything heavy over the head? I'm not sure just how much involved the collar bone is with upper body exercises like these.
    Ive been working out slowly and pressing 30lb dbs without effort or pain.

    Btw I never had a thick callous form like many say is supposed to form at a bone fracture. I could see that the gap of the fracture did in fact close, however slow. Hence my paranoid question.

  2. Your collar bone. is one used bone pal . it does so much and not.just used in ohp. as long as u have full.momentum u fine just work your way up on the weights. speaking form experiance pal. bones do brake and thats it. but if healed then crack on. that or take up another sport if ur that concerned . good luck

  3. Thanks for the advice pal

  4. Bones grow back stronger than before the initial injury. Dont worry about it snapping on you. Be carfule with your shoulder though. Work up the weights slowly

  5. Thank you machorox



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