extreme stretching??

  1. Question extreme stretching??

    Can someone explain to me extreme stretching? Anyone have any diagrams or pictures to show me how this is correctly done? I heard it cuts recovery time in half and is overall great for after your heavy workouts. Thanks guys!

  2. Cutting recovery time in half seems like no more than a wild dream. I would still be interested in hearing more about this, so although I have no information for you...i've officially subscribed to the thread

    Good luck fiding answers, I'll search around when I get the time in an attempt to help.

  3. It's basically done when after you work a muscle. While the blood is flooded in the area you stretch out your fascia tissue to increase the space in the muscle increasing the room it has to grow. It's great but very painful, I"m not sure if what i said is clear I'm tired and it's late but fascia stretchin brings out the seperation between muscle groups. Example would be hold a dumbell fly in the stretched position for and extended period of time.

  4. Extreme stretching is painful - plain and simple. But after doing it at the advice of IA I must say it makes a difference in my recovery time.

    I wish I still had all the diagrams he sent me but my computer melted and I lost them...
    Basically extreme stretching is holding a stretch with/out weight for and extended period of time ~60 secs.
    Example - Chest - Lie down on a flat bench with two dumbells in your hands (light weight) Then go to the bottom of the fly position and hold that for 60 seconds.
    Hamstring - Either sitting or standing place one leg out in front of you and lean forward over the outstreched leg. Hold for 60 seconds.
    Sounds easy, looks funny but damn does it hurt. I'll try and find the article that he sent me explaining it in more detail.

  5. damn jminis beat me

  6. Quote Originally Posted by kmac6225
    damn jminis beat me
    Yes but you explained it better, mine was barely english. Damn I was tired

  7. Here is the link to an in depth Extreme stretching with pics...Great article by Jacob Wilson

    Extreme Stretching

  8. courtesy of doggcrapp

    chest=flat bench 90lb dumbells chest high--lungs full of air--first 10 seconds drop down into deepest stretch and then next 50 seconds really push the stretch (this really really hurts) but do it faithfully and come back in this message board in 4 weeks and tell me if your chest isn't much fuller and rounder

    triceps-seated on a flat bench-my back up against the barbell---75lb dumbell in my hand behind my head(like in an overhead dumbell extension)--sink dumbell down into position for the first 10 seconds and then an agonizing 50 seconds slightly leaning back and pushing the dumbell down with the back of my head

    shoulders-this one is tough to describe--put barbell in squat rack shoulder height--face away from it and reach back and grab it palms up (hands on bottom of bar)---walk yourself outward until you are on your heels and the stretch gets painfull--then roll your shoulders downward and hold for 60 seconds

    biceps--just like the above position but hold barbell palms down now (hands on top of bar)--sink down in a squatting position first and if you can hack it into a kneeling position and then if you can hack that sink your butt down--60 seconds--I cannot make it 60 seconds--i get to about 45--its too painfull--if you can make it 60 seconds you are either inhuman or you need to raise the bar up another rung

    back--honestly for about 3 years my training partner and I would hang a 100lb dumbell from our waist and hung on the widest chinup bar (with wrist straps) to see who could get closest to 3 minutes--I never made it--i think 2 minutes 27 seconds was my record--but my back width is by far my best bodypart--i pull on a doorknob or stationary equipment with a rounded back now and its way too hard too explain here--just try it and get your feel for it

    hamstrings--either leg up on a high barbell holding my toe and trying to force my leg straight with my free hand for an excruciating painfull 60 seconds or another exercise I could only show people and not type here

    quads--facing a barbell in a power rack about hip high --grip it and simultaneously sink down and throw your knees under the barbell and do a sissy squat underneath it while going up on your toes. then straighten your arms and lean as far back as you can---60 seconds and if this one doesn't make you hate my guts and bring tears to your eyes nothing will---do this one faithfully and tell me in 4 weeks if your quads dont look alot different than they used to

    calves--my weak bodypart that i couldnt get up too par until 2 years ago when i finally thought it out and figured out how to make them grow (with only one set twice a week too) I dont need to stretch calves after because when i do calves I explode on the positive and take 5 seconds to get back to full stretch and then 15 seconds at the very bottom "one one thousand, two one thousand, three one thousand etc" --15 seconds stretching at the bottom thinking and trying to flex my toes toward my shin--it is absolutely unbearable and you will most likely be shaking and want to give up at about 7 reps (i always go for 12reps with maximum weights)--do this on a hack squat or a leg press--my calves have finally taken off due to this and caught up to the rest of me thank god (ok thats enough typing my girl wants to go eat--later)

  9. can some one possibly better explain what DC means when he describes the quad stretch? i'm confused

  10. Quote Originally Posted by glenihan
    can some one possibly better explain what DC means when he describes the quad stretch? i'm confused
    Did you click on my link...


    1. Quad Expansion - The absolute best way to expand the connective tissue around your quadriceps is to utilize seated thigh stretches. Simply knee down and separate your feet enough so that you can sit between them. Put your hands on the floor behind you and lean back as far as possible, feeling the stretch in the quadriceps.

    seated quadriceps stretch

    As a variation you can spread your legs out further to hit the inner thighs. The most painful variation and probably most effective is the no handed stretch. Bring your feet together so that you have to sit on them, and not between them! Now fold your arms( or place them behind you ) and lean back, using your bodyweight as resistance to the stretch! Try these after a drop set on leg extensions and your quads will literally explode in ways you never imagined possible!

  11. God that looks painful!!! i cant even imagine...these days i cant even sit crossed legged on the floor with my kids at school......ahhh well.......

  12. no i didnt' madman, somehow i skipped over it
    thanks though that explains it much better

    haha i totally agree about it looking horribly painful, i can't see myself actually getting into that position after squatting
    in fact any position other than flat on my back after squatting is painful

  13. I've always wondered about DC's method of quad stretching. It sounds like he's hanging off the barbell pulling his legs forward somehow. I've just been doing it unassisted although I wonder if the other method makes more of a difference.

  14. Quote Originally Posted by glenihan
    no i didnt' madman, somehow i skipped over it
    thanks though that explains it much better

    haha i totally agree about it looking horribly painful, i can't see myself actually getting into that position after squatting
    in fact any position other than flat on my back after squatting is painful

    No problem man,sometimes i pass over **** too...This stuff is painful very much so.I do this after a 20 set full squats and
    OMG it hurts more than the set does.I do Doggcrap's training and find it to be excellent.

  15. Have you guys ever had success doing these extreme stretches? I have done with IA's plan as well and I could never tell a difference really even after doing them after every single one of my workouts. My legs didn't really look any different and I am not quite sure if it helped recovery time. Any of you much much bigger guys experience any noticeable results?

  16. The idea is to do it immediately after your last set of your current exercise from what I've seen and it works particularly well with a DC training style. You finish your big set then stretch the **** out of that muscle then continue on with the next exercise. It seems to work well for me and really increases flexability. I'm going to keep doing it regardless of whether or not it 'actually' works as intended because after a workout I feel HUGE


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