Rotator Cuff pain

  1. Rotator Cuff pain

    To make a long story short, I played baseball a lot when I was a kid; and threw the ball very hard all the time. I never worked out and several times I threw my arm out.

    That same pain is the pain I feel when my right shoulder starts acting up. I dont do any crazy overhead exercises or anything... it only hurts on certain presses that involve the shoulders... and it doesnt hurt during the exercise at all...

    I have isolated it down somewhat and I can tell you exactly what I have to do to make it hurt.
    When doing elastic band exercises to strengthen my shoulder, it does NOT hurt when I make an internal motion, as in pulling the band over my body with my right arm...
    but if i make a external motion, as in pulling the band away from my body with my right arm... it hurts pretty good...

    anyone know much about it? I've done searches but nothing really seems to single out a particular motion that makes it hurt. Which this sucks because the cuff-strengthening exercise (or at least one of them) I cant do because it hurts.

  2. could be your AC joint
    i f'd mine up royally playing rugby in college, its not fun

  3. sure? i know where the A/C joint is, this pain seems lower and deeper in the shoulder

  4. Health for life ( has a very informative and detailed book specific to rotator cuff, it is called "7 Minute Rotator Cuff Solution"... their site is down for maintenance but Amazon has it too (but WAY overpriced) 7 Minute Rotator Cuff Solution: Jerry Robinson, Joseph Horrigan: Books
    ... DAMN !!! I let someone borrow this a few months ago and now they claim I did no such thing...

  5. Quote Originally Posted by Bean
    sure? i know where the A/C joint is, this pain seems lower and deeper in the shoulder
    in that case it probably isn't your AC joint lol i was just throwing that out there as a possibility
    good luck with recovery

  6. I'm just guessing here but it probably is one of the rotator cuff muscles and most likely the suprasinatus. It's used in shoulder abduction, raising your arm away from the body. The supraspinatus runs under the AC joint and you can get a calcium deposit there from wear and tear ( you might hear them call it a hook). A MRI should show it. If possible, get it checked out soon. As long as there isn't much damage to the muscle the bone can be shaved and you might not need the old, open style surgery. If there is a hook there, doing the strengthening exercises will only cause more harm. If your family doctor isn't very good with sports injuries, get a referral to an orthopedic. But remember, I'm not a doctor, I only played one with the girls I grew up with.

  7. Look up a book called "The Trigger Point Therapy". I was hit with severe rotator cuff injuries around a year ago. Tried everything from rehab to medication. One of my pals recommended this book and I've not looked back since.

    You can check the reviews on IMHO this book is amust in every bodybuilder's arsenal. You may also want to check



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