best hypertrophy/strength split

  1. best hypertrophy/strength split

    Me and my buddy do this 4x5 rep counting program.

    his dad was a powelifter in the 60's he did it and made good gains. my buddy also did it as a kid and benched 370 at 19, so it seems like it works.

    I was making good gains off of it until i started messing around with a modified W-side system that screwed me up.

    I dont bench with a shirt and i dont compete as of yet.

    So here is what i am going to try:

    4x5 - a weight you can complete without assistance, then you move up. 5lbs

    Do this twice a week, along with squat, deads, lots of pullovers, remember i said hypertrophy/strength split.

    I had done those when i got up to 300 i went off into this W-side stuff and got lost, weight felt awkward, blah blah blah

    so i am getting back into this counting rep 4x5 system, except this time i am adding chains, 60 lbs of chains and a certain weight 4x5.

    If you miss a set(your partner helps you or you fail) you continue on and do as many sets as it take s to complete YOUR 20 reps.
    then you do the same weigth next workout until you complete it and you move up.
    Since i am using chains i have to make sure the chain weight is consistent to ensure I am making gains that are correct.

    And we do assistance work leading up to these WO
    shrugs, overheads, tris, maybe heavy high pin lockouts.

    We just decided that, for us, 5 reps is the best rep # that gives you both hypertrophy and strength

  2. what kind of bodytype are you? always interested in something different

  3. 225-14%ish 5'11

    i put on muscle and strength easily shape too is easy, I have to work hard at being lean, i dont know what type I am for sure

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