help me please (shoulder injury)

  1. help me please (shoulder injury)

    my left shoulder has been bothering me for about 2 months ever since a guy let a dumbbell slip backwards while spotting me---I had let it heal and it felt better--until this evening when I attempted to do a medium warm up set with 70's for overhead presses (seated) my shoulder told me "Check yoself son!!!" and wouldn't allow me to even get it above shoulder height to start the range of motion--so I did the smart thing (for once) and stopped training the shoulder---basically, I can train back without a problem, arms without trouble, and much mass/strength do you think I will lose if I forego chest and shoulder workouts for about 2 months and just try to maintain wmy whole body using heavy squats and deadlifts? I am 5'11'' 245 now or does anyone know of any chest/shoulder routine that wil not cause my shoulder pain? thank you all for reading this post

  2. i am no doctor but perhaps a MRI is in order just to check if there is an damage inside...i am the worst one to stop training..But sounds like you did the right thing... good luck I myself am off to a MRI for my leg...LOL

  3. Wrangle is that avatar you...if it is your driving me crazy! PS: Happy Holiday

  4. madman your to kind....

  5. it could be a rotator cuff injury. I had a partial tear of my rotator cuff and had the same exact problem as you. For me the only way to beat it was time off unfortunately - that and VERY light rehab exercises with training rubber bands.

    I think a visit to the doc would be helpful. Finding out where the pain in your shoulder is will obvioiusly give you a better idea of how to rehab it and how long to take off.
    Good luck bro

  6. My freind had a bad shoulder injury, he was a competitive bodybuilder, not a serious level though. He had tendon, muscle, and joint damage. I wa talking to him about his recovery. His doctor put him on a low dose of hgh for about a month and a half. He recovered in about 2 months total and was able to begin heavy shoulder exercises again. I am not sure this is right for you, I just figured it might give you some good info.

  7. Shoulders do a lot more than we think they do until we injure them. I injured my shoulder doing repetitive actions and had to go in for physical therapy. It has been almost a year and it finally seems to be getting better. I was on muscle relaxers, pain killers, massage therapy, motion therapy (they moved by arm, I was not supposed to try and move it), arm and shoulder exercises and acupuncture. I still get twinges, but I keep up with the exercises I was given at the rehab hospital that treated me.


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