you ever take a week off?

  1. you ever take a week off?

    I train 5 days a week. I remember a while back I used to take some time off about ever 2-3 months. Pete Sisco insists someone take off two weeks then come back and see how much weight they can do (swearing up and down it will increase significantly). But I was thinking of taking a whole week out just to rest. I have increased volume about a month ago (with good results so far) but I have been getting less and less sleep so I figured it would be beneficial. What do you guys think?

  2. every once in awhile i think its a good your body time to rest both mentally and physically....if you think itd be good and helpful for the long run i'd take a week the end of the week you'll be really ready to come back and hit it hard. i wouldnt take off more than a week tho.

  3. i have taken a week off before ...and it is true you do come back stronger ....probably because your giving your body time to FULLY recover from everything ....but i was stronger and i was suprised ...but it does work ....

  4. I take two weeks off every 12 weeks, and I always come back stronger. I also take a break from all sups in this time. By the time a week and a half goes by I'm itchin to get back. I also find this is great to rejuvenate motivation.

  5. yep, it's important. stay motivated to come back and hit it hard, but don't beat yourself up about it during the week you're not there, and you'll do nothing but good for yourself

  6. Nelson
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    Just took 5 days off

    I agree.
    I had a few nights of bad sleep and needed some time off.
    I just took 5 days off after 2 months without a break.
    My first workout was back last night.
    I increased my DL by 5kg & da pump from ezi-curls & hammer curls felt great.
    I recommend it.

  7. yeah i cant wait.. i havent been able to sleep lately and i havent gone up much on my lifts... thats obvious overtraining.. we will see how it goes.. hell its spring break here from this week till the middle of april (daytona beach) so ill just hit the beach up lol
  8. Nelson
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    Sounds great

    I wish I could go to the beach - it`s too damn cold here.
    Nothing like lazing on the beach & checking out the talent.

  9. There is nothing tougher than taking a week off. But, sometimes it's necessary, and you won't regret it.

  10. I take a week off. I feel it is necessary to do so for the body to get better to say the least. I hate doing so but oh well I feel better for doing it.

  11. I take a week off every couple of months, during that week I just eat, eat and eat some more

    I dont believe in overtraining, I believe in under-recouperation.

    Read This Book!!: Anabolic Steroids and the Athlete by William N. Taylor M.D.

  12. by, by sickness....yes. however, i take 3-4 days off from resistance training with light cardio once in while. (once in a while being every 12 weeks or so) Sage

  13. A week off can work wonders for your training.
    Mentally, you want to get back to the gym - you'll be refreshed and fired up.
    Physically, your muscles have healed. The small amount of strength lost (it will be tiny) is more than made up for by the recuperation your muscles receive. 10 days is optimum - this is just because it is the average time for muscle injuries to heal; and we all pick up small injuries whether we know it or not.
    All this of course, is applicable only if you work your backside off in the gym. Those who fart around don't need it.

  14. Originally posted by Andy2k
    Those who fart around don't need it.
    this is prolly because they take too many liver tabs..heh

  15. yeah i decided to take the week of spring break off.. i wont be getting much sleep, not as much food, etc.. so i rather take that time off since the recovery process would be extremely slow then... working out at this time would be just overtraining like crazy.. or under recouperating like crazy

  16. I take a week off every 2 months, so thats about every 8 weeks.

    Unfortunately ive been forced to take over a month off of working anything but legs, due to some tendonitis in my wrists...



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