who got a good routine for chest workout

  1. Cool who got a good routine for chest workout

    get into detail post reps and sets also thanks

  2. start with either incline or flat (db or bar whichever is your preference)
    move onto some type of flies

    3 sets of each 9 sets total for the workout
    4-6 reps for each set reaching failure between 4-6 reps
    stay at the same weight for the exercise

    that's why i use and have had great success with

  3. sounds good, why only 4 to 6 reps, is that like really heavy weight, i dont lift light but i dont lift heavy maybe thats my problem

    im 170 pounds and i bench 110 10-12 reps

  4. yeah like i said you want to fail on each set between the 4th and 6th rep today for instance i began with incline and did 265 for sets of 6, 6, 5 and failed on the last rep of each

    however i would spend A LOT of time researching proper diet as well its way more important than training, you CAN gain with insufficient training and a great diet, but its REALLY hard to gain with great training and a crappy diet

  5. morning Grapefruit, highcarb cereal (frosted mini wheats) skim milk, go to gym in 45 mins workout
    come home drink 0 carb protein shake mixed with "GATORADE the special transport system", one hour later peanut butter jelly sandwich water, 3 hours later salad chicken cutlets wheat bread butter, 3 hours later wich would be close to bed maybe a few slices of turkey and carb counters glass of milk "HOOD MILK"

    lemme know what u think about that diet, becuase im loosing pounds pretty quickly im doin cardio 4 times a week on a empty stomach in the morning walking 45mins on incline at 6 degrees. i went from 175 to 168 in 3 weeks could i be loosing muscle

  6. welcome travis.good to see you here.lots of good people here and tons of info.just use the search feature.see you at the gym.

  7. you are not eating ANYWHERE near enough food
    best i can tell you are barely eating 4 meals a day make it more like 6 and (i'm assuming you want to bulk) try to take in ~2 grams of protein per pound of body weight (adjusting as you gain more weight

  8. see my problem is.... Im tryin to get bigger but its not my main consern i really just wanna rip up my mid section cuz i have neglected it for the last 2 years

  9. youcant "rip up" your midsection anymore than you can rip up something else... your fat comes off as it comes off... some people are prone to store it in different areas...

    your diet definitely sucks tho... that looks like maybe 2k calories at the most... i know a lot of girls that eat more than that and are skinny as a rail...
    not enough carbs or protein... not even remotely close... why drink a 0 carb protein shake? why not a shake with equal amounts?

    seems you need to research your diet before you even begin worrying about a "special" workout

  10. Trav,
    If you want to get ripped, the best way to do it is to put on more muscle. Muscle burns calories just existing. As for the best way to train chest, as it seems to happen so often, I have to agree with Glen. My workout is pretty close to his.

    Bench work up to one heavy set to failure. Last week my bench workout was 135x10, 185x10, 225x8, 275x6, 296x6, 315x5
    Incline press 3 sets of 4-6
    flyes 3 sets of 6-10
    I'm 5'8 and the last time on the scale 212 and my chest is almost 50".

  11. im learning im learning, so i guess theres really no way to get lean witout loosing muscle and no way to gain alot of muscle witout adding fat, maybe i can eat alot more and just do cardio twice a day on my off days and once a day on my training days.

  12. Than as I am learning thats to much cardio.......max 4 days a week ( and thats even high).......Cant belive i am saying this but your body needs a day or two off.....

  13. Quote Originally Posted by TravTriggz
    im learning im learning, so i guess theres really no way to get lean witout loosing muscle and no way to gain alot of muscle witout adding fat, maybe i can eat alot more and just do cardio twice a day on my off days and once a day on my training days.
    that's just not true man, you CAN lose fat without losing muscle and you CAN gain muscle without gaining fat . . . you just have to know what you are doing and don't drop or gain too much weight at once

    gradually ramp calories up or down, never make huge changes, follow a proper diet and you will be fine

    its very true that adding muscle will lean you out
    a) more muscle will mean more lbm which means lower bf %
    b) muscle burns fat just by existing as long as it is in the proper environment (i.e. proper diet)

  14. thanks for the info
    i had a session wit my trainer today he layed down some rules for me , probably gonna see alot more progress now

  15. I vary my chest workout every couple of weeks. Here is what I did on Saturday:
    Flat Bench - 135*12, 225*8, 295*8, 295*8, 295*8 (Usually am at or near failure on last rep)
    Incline Dumbells - 3 sets of 8 with 105lb dumbells (although I am starting to use the bar lately with 225 instead)
    High and Low cable flies - 3 sets of each alternating them every set.

    I was playing around with a high-rep workout for the past couple of weeks on bench. I did 135*12, 225*8, 225*20, 225*6 (On the last set I would hold the weight 1-2" off my chest for a couple of seconds and then continue).

    I have done all different varieties over the past 18 months ranging from sets of 6 to sets of 20. I have seen decent progress in strength. When I started I was barely doing 135*8. Now my max is 375.

    Find what works for you, but make sure that you keep changing it up.

  16. Hey Trav,

    Here's a link to an article that I thought was a great start. If you find it interesting, click on Dr. John Barardi under "authors" on the left of the page. I think the guys a genius when it comes to nutrition. Most people will end up losing muscle when cutting, and gaining fat when bulking, but it doesn't have to be this way. What helped me is just to keep reading. Every night I find articles and increase my knowledge base. Good luck.


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