Shoulder pains

  1. Shoulder pains

    So I have a fairly immense and nagging shoulder pain which has been ongoing for probably 8 years. It tends to feel like a nerve pain that radiates down to my elbow and occasionally to my wrist. Any movement that brings either my upper arms near parallel to the floor or my hands above my head it is near excruciating but fleeting. I can put my hands above my head but it hurts on the way up then again on the way down but not so much if held semi still at the top. It is in both shoulders but much more severe in my left. I obviously need to see a doctor but have no insurance so that's out. I am leaning towards impingement but not sure. If it matters my range of motion is also limited seemingly due to inflexibility so I'm not sure if that may be a factor. I guess my question can come now: anyone with similar problems actually get a diagnosis and any thoughts on home pt that I can do such as stretches or shoulder dislocation exercises.

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  2. 8 years, sounds chronic!?
    Anyway, have you tried any "light" L-flye movements?
    What about a few bouts of ART, trigger point work then stretching, flexibility work?

  3. Sounds like AC joint impingement off the top of my head due to the radicular symptoms, could be RTC tear should go visit your pdoc.
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