Different 5x5 approach?

  1. Different 5x5 approach?

    Just a suggestion……I’ve been a long time believer in 5x5, which can be applied in different ways, whether it’s 1, 2 or 3 top sets, with the rest being warm-ups…..for me it’s being a good strength building approach…for those interested in strength and size/ump, I’m wondering whether 5x5, working up to a top work set, and then working back down, with not much break in between sets would be a good way to achieve both….or would this be too much work?

    I’m thinking that it could be applied to a few core movements such as squats, deadlift, BP, OHP etc to be done 2xpw and whatever else on a 3rd day

  2. man ican't keep up with the replies

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