Smolov Squat Routine

  1. Smolov Squat Routine

    Hey guys I just started doing this routine to try an help develop my squat a bit more. My starting 1MR is only 495lbs. Right now my weight is between 265-270 I was wondering if anyone has run this program and what were your results? If anyone is interested I might even start a Log. What are your thoughts?

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    Id like to know more about this-

  3. Quote Originally Posted by LizKing531

    Id like to know more about this-
    Alright well since there is some interest tonight when I get home ill start a log of this program in the logs section. I'll post some photos of the plan and lay out the nutrition recommended for this monster routine. Thank you!

  4. I'll also be sure to include the plan of my brother-in-law he is a smaller guy, weighing 140. doing this program with me so we can judge who this is more designed for. His 1MR is 315. I already have him keeping a journal of his progress and nutrition As well.

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