arm injury?

  1. Angry arm injury?

    its a lower bicep injury, toward the inner elbow, about an inch or two up from the inner elbow. It was real sore after throwing the football around before an intermural football game monday night. it felt fine tuesday before my bicep workout and thru the first couple exercises (barbell exercises for both) but once I got to dumbbell work with heavier weight, the pain returned and has not left since. The pain is not debilitating, but I want to make sure I am not about to rip my bicep. The pain is only a soreness throughout today, but when I was doing my tricep workout today (wed), the pain returned shooting up my bicep as I did heavier weight exercises. The pain has not subsided like it did after the football game monday, so that is what has me concerned.

    I know you can't diagnose online like this, but are there exercises to help strengthen this area of the bicep to help me heal? or do I need to take a week off just to heal on its own? And mainly... did I just strain something, or did I possibly do more serious damage?


  2. Week off.

  3. does it hurt more when doing exercise suppinated or pronated?

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