I'm switching to a GVT-based style; critique me

  1. I'm switching to a GVT-based style; critique me

    I'm going to try GVT-influence for about 6 weeks to see how I do. I've found that I react better to volume than HIT; and have also found this to be the case for most people when done correctly.
    I've got some exercises switching up on purpose. Sometimes if I dont watch my shoulder routines my rotator cuff can start getting angry. And my wrists can hurt if I dont watch it on the curls (no matter what way I do them)
    This may be too much volume, I'm not sure; but I'm NOT going to failure at all and I'm trying to take into account some of Bobo's training principles when he lets them slip from time to time

    Also I am on a TestE-based cycle using Drol for 4 weeks then phasing into fina for 6 weeks with M1T for the last 4 weeks (12 weeks total actually... fina and M1T run together at one point) yes doing HCG and Nolva for PCT (HCG starts at week 5)

    anyway, I am alternating every other workout with slightly different movements, my example workout for hte past week, remember, NONE of this is to failure... wait time is 90 seconds between each set and 3 minutes between each exercise
    workout days are like this:
    day 1: chest/tris #1
    day 2: legs
    day 3: back/bis #1
    day 4: off
    day 5: chest/tris #2
    day 6: off
    day 7: back/bis #2

    Why one leg day in the sequence? Because I do deadlifts on backday and because my legs get to the point where they are so big that my small frame causes them to rub together and its very uncomfortable All the machine work is the hammer-strength machines; so they work pretty well. Its a lot of sets, but it is GVT; weights are picked that I could do 20 reps with on the first set

    Chest/Tris #1
    Incline BB Press 7x10
    Arnold Press 5x10
    Incline Iso Machine Press 3x10
    Iso Machine Shoulder Press 3x10
    Incline Flyes 3x10
    Tricep Pushdowns 3x10

    Squats 5x10
    Fulcrum Leg Press 5x10
    StiffLegged DL 5x10
    Ham curls 5x10
    Calf Raises 3x20

    Back/Bis #1
    Deadlifts 3x8
    Chinups 5x10
    Lateral Wide-grip Pulldowns 5x10
    DB Curls 7x10
    BB Curls 3x10
    Iso Machine Rows 3x10
    Machine Curls 3x10

    Chest/Tris #2
    Incline DB Press 5x10
    Decline BB Press 5x10
    Arnold Press 5x10
    Iso Machine Shoulder Press 5x10
    CG Bench Press 5x10
    Tricep Pushdown 3x8
    Machine Flyes 3x10

    Back/Bis #2
    Deadlifts 3x8
    Seated Rows 5x10
    Bent-over Rows 5x10
    Incline DB Curls 7x10
    Standing EZ Curls 3x10
    Iso Machine Rows 3x10
    Machine Curls Reverse Grip 3x10
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  2. I thought German Volume Training was basically 2 main movements a training day doing 10X10?

  3. yah thats why I'm calling this GVT-influenced... GVT is two main movements using 10x10 followed by two isolation movements at 3x10... at least what I've read anyway...

    What I'm doing here is making it 4 main movements for the most part of 5x10, sometimes mixed a little different depending on how my body reacts to extra sets (for instance my wrists hurt very badly if I do too many BB sets on curls), then followed by 3x10 isolation movements...
    in some cases the main movements are not really main movements; but i do them because those certain bodyparts need a lot of sets to grow.

  4. Looks interesting. Good luck with your cycle!

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