High volume training, your opinions on my program

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  1. Quote Originally Posted by LunaHotel
    and the one by skoal also.

    Geez it's good to see I'm not the only one who's smart around here

    Seriously though, I see so MANY guys bench the bar to their collarbones instead of their nipples. Isn't that absolutely horrendous form? Well I feel it is, and by reading some of your posts, I think I will find a powerlifting club somewhere and learn to better my heaviest lift techniques. Seriously, I think even with 10 years training and reading experience, a guy who benches 500lbs naturally can teach me something I don't know. See, I'm modest too...

    Oh, and have any of you guys ever heard that thing about high insulin = no cortisol before? I didn't know that and tried finding a study in medline, to no avail.
    Bring the bar to your nipples? HAR! I'm working on my arch and set up, so I can bring it near my bellybutton In all fairness though, as you put on bench shirts your groove goes lower and lower, esp when you get to open back denim, which just rips your groove down low.

    Start training with some hardcore powerlifters, it will without a doubt-no-questions-asked be the best thing you ever did for yourself (at least on the weight training side of things). Those monster monkey ****ers will make you stronger than you thought possible, reduce your injury rate, and turn you into a raving psycho They'll also try to force feed you at all you can eat buffets after working out ("So my old shirt will fit you guy, otherwise it'll be too loose!" "come on, eat, you have a girly waist")

    All in all a great bunch of guys to hook up with, if you find serious real-deal powerlifters.

  2. Dude : you put "nipple" and "bellybutton" in the same post, which makes the net-nanny here at work go bonkers. Can't read half the posts in the exercise/training section because we use dirty words such as "inner thigh" "calf" "chest"... These computer people are insane I tell you...

    But thanks for the advice, I found a way to ge to the end of your post. I think I'mma do just that...

  3. I agree with what glenihan has been saying. I see you are also working your lower back quite a bit. I have noticed lower back to be one of the slowest recovering muscles in the body. I don't think it is necessary to train it twice a week. In fact I do deadlifts once every other week and improve DRAMATICALLY every other week that I do them. High volume can be great if you can get it right and get everything situated but by the descriptions that youve given its kind of vague.



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