shock method for the chest! -

shock method for the chest!

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    Thumbs up shock method for the chest!

    this is how it looks(warmed up with 4 min. on treadmill, and all done with bb, also stretched between each set)
    2 heavy sets on flat bench
    2 heavy sets decline bench
    1 heavy set on flat bench
    2 heavy sets on incline bench
    1 heavy set on bench
    using maxium weight to average out 6 reps per set thats how i done it and i feel it worked
    next ill try it with db and tell how that goes

    P.S. upper chest really feels dense today

    (also alittle side note ill see if i can make some other shock methods for other body parts)

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    yeah dumbells would isolate the chest more.

    here is what i do to annihilate chest, (not all the time)


    heavy set of dumbell flat or incline, then directly to db flys,

    4-5 set of those kill

    or you could do upper body squats(dips)

    i like doing these weighted and only a lower partial movement, to avoid over loading tris and keeping constant tension on chest. then going directly to a freaky heavy cable crossover. 4-5 sets of those (ouch)

    either one will blow your junk way up quick.

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